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Inventory Management

Experience advanced inventory control, complete Internet marketing and superior customer service with DiamondLot inventory management and data collection solutions. We customize the level of lot services required to achieve your business objectives.

With our data collection experts utilizing the industry's most powerful and robust data aggregation, analytic and merchandising tools along with their experience and expertise you will see measurable differences in your success.


In today's highly competitive market, visual presentation is more important than ever. DiamondBackDrop is always there to make sure your product images stand out above your competition. With DiamondBackDrop, you no longer have to worry if your photo location is....not-so-photogenic. Seasonal changes, location issues and background objects that could easily take away from the vehicle being photographed will be a thing of the past.

DiamondBackDrop & Includes:

  • Consistent branding and improved image quality
  • Avoid "staging" vehicles and exposure to lot damage
  • Increased brand recognition and great first impression
  • Get more ad views
  • Eliminate background clutter
  • New car stock photo program includes three color matched photos for each vehicle
  • Continue to use DiamondLot for actual your actual photos, DiamondBackDrop does all editing
  • Increased lead opportunities (email's, phone calls and walk-in shoppers)
  • Low cost per enhanced photo

Full-Motion Video / DiamondVideo +PLUS
Most video marketing solutions fail to fully engage the car shopper during that very brief and critical moment of interaction with the dealership's website, vehicle ads, and social networking touch points. Only DiamondLot's Full Motion Automotive Retail Marketing Solutions provide compelling, immersive and viral video content so crucial to dealerships' online advertising strategies. The car shopping process is often an emotional one, DiamondLot's Full Motion Video Marketing is the one solution for capitalizing on it.

Click Here To View Example Of Our Full Motion Videos

The Full Motion Video Difference

Full-motion videos of actual vehicle inventory
Professional actors promoting CPO Programs, CARFAX benefits, and more.
High-quality, professional voiceovers with "The Script That Sells"
Broadcast quality, Hollywood-style special effects, music tracks, and presentation

The Full Motion Video Advantage

Distribution to automotive websites such as AutoTrader.com, Cars.com, and craigslist
Distribution and Search Engine Optimization on major websites such as YouTube, Google, and Facebook
Playback on major mobile device platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry
Dealership Logo branded pre- and post-spots
Wide-screen, high-resolution video format with stereo sound

Performance & Value

No other automotive video marketing solution is as powerful in maximizing dealership image, marketing vehicles, increasing vehicle ad effectiveness, and most importantly, increasing sales.
If you already have a video marketing solution: Save Money and Increase the Quality
If you don't have a video marketing solution yet: The Right Price and the Right Quality
To learn more about Full Motion Video Marketing Solutions and how Full Motion can help to increase sales for your dealership, contact your local DiamondLot representative.


Diamond Video is your dynamic video solution that assembles and produces automotive videos.

Dynamic video production means that videos can be ready to play for every vehicle on a dealer's lot within seconds. Because your videos are generated dynamically, unlike other video solutions, vehicle information, like price or features can be updated and reflected in the video immediately.

  • Industry's only real-time automotive video solution
  • Utilize vehicle images and data collected by your DiamondLot representative
  • Custom-built dealer inserts and other relevant vehicle video content - dynamically included
  • Smart Content - Our videos discuss the most marketable features of a vehicle
  • 3rd-Party Content - Our dynamic videos integrate dealer marketing videos and 3rd party video content that provides shoppers with informative and relevant information to enhance the shopping experience, including dealer introduction, vehicle history report highlights and OEM Certification.
  • Google Search Optimization - Uploading videos to YouTube optimizes search results as YouTube videos are ranked highest by Google. Videos are indexed 50 times greater than photos.
Videos engage the consumer and then educate them about the most important features of the vehicle. They have proven to create more leads and more phone calls, and ultimately more vehicle sales.

A powerful software to help your dealership reach thousands of buyers at a fraction of the cost compared to other online advertising tools.
We provide software that simplifies the publishing and managing of ads to all the major free access classfied sites.
  • Quick and Easy Listing
  • Listing 7 days a week
  • Analytical reporting - all inventory, all leads
  • Automatic updates of inventory
  • Automatic modification when prices change
  • E-lead management and ADF/CRM
  • Creative and effective customizable templates
  • Increase traffic to dealership website
In addition our software provides insightful reports showing which makes, models and prices are getting the best response, allowing dealers to make smart buying decisions.

InstantCreditVideo Application

Interactive credit application utilizes dynamic video capabilities and full SSL encryption of your customer's vital information. Determine the best deal for you and your client before they enter your showroom.
  • Capture and convert leads to credit applications
  • Qualify your prospects online or offline
  • Determine what payment a consumer can afford
  • Qualify your prospects on specific lender programs
  • Determine the right vehicle to structure your deal
  • Determine how much the down payment will be
  • Secure SSL Credit application encryption
  • Pre-Approve your client before they test-drive
BestDeals CallTrack

A comprehensive call tracking service that captures the important data from an inbound phone call. It allows you to quickly set up a system for managing your inbound calls tracking of advertising efforts, and improving your sales processes.
  • Manages all inbound toll-free & local calls
  • Provides detailed tracking reports & tools
  • Incoming calls can be digitally recorded
  • Capture callers name, address, phone number
  • Review up to your past 30 days of phone calls
  • Track your Dealerships advertising ROI
  • Determine peak inbound call times
  • Manage your advertising penetration
  • Analyze outcome of every phone call
  • Ensure all your customers are handled properly
Toll-free and local phone number provisioning DiamondCallTrak provides you with a distinct national toll-free or local telephone number to insert into each advertisement you wish to track.

We collect all the information you need to make informed, timely decisions about allocating your advertising dollars and managing your staff, based on actual results.

Window Labels

DiamondLot Window Sticker System prints full color, custom, one of a kind high quality window stickers and buyers guides with the click of a button. We pride ourselves on customizing window labels for each dealership.
  • Customization to ensure dealership color, branding and image
  • Full color customized window stickers and buyers guides
  • Spanish buyers guides
  • Information comes from our systems stored inventory data
  • Supports adding marketing information such as Certified, CARFAX One Owner and VIN specific vehicle history summary


Appraisal and Pricing Analysis Service

The Internet has provided pricing transparency to consumers for trade-ins and purchases. Arm your dealership with the book data and market data to improve your appraisal results and to drive more leads and sales on your used inventory.

Appraisal System
  • Easily bookout vehicles and add appraisal photos
  • Access real-time market data and multiple industry books
  • Immediately market the vehicle upon purchasing vehicle
  • Ability to report on each appraisers and salespersons trade-in results
AccuData Appraisal System benefits the auto dealer in making an informed, knowledgeable decision on vehicle trades or auction purchases.

Pricing Analysis
  • Quickly compare vehicle pricing to the Internet marketplace
  • Easily identify vehicles that are priced out of target range, either too high or too low
  • Re-price cars in a single step
  • Accurate vehicle matching system
  • Compare your cars to similar cars, apples-to-apples compa
  • Drill-down to see the competitive cars
With more than 80% of car buyers starting their search for a vehicle on the Internet, researching what car to buy and pricing those cars, it is critical to price your vehicles competitively.

eBay Motors Marketing Platform

As one of only a few eBay Motors Preferred Solution Providers, DiamondLot offers the most feature-rich automotive Internet marketing platform for dealers to sell on eBay Motors.

Unlimited eBay Service Features:
  • Inventory polling from top DMS System Providers
  • Automated or Manual upload of vehicles in inventory
  • Tools to reduce time pricing vehicles
  • Unlimited photos via automated or manual photo import from lot service companies or your in-house solution
  • Variety of listing template formats with support for custom listing templates
  • VIN explosion for detailed vehicle descriptions
  • Over 400 banners with support for custom banners
  • SEO Optimized title and description generators to increase page
  • Support for store categories including custom defined categories to improve SEO and the consumer shopping experience
  • Complete listing management to update listings, respond to questions and accept or decline offers
  • Lead management to capture all leads from offers, emails and calls. Track activities and communications for all leads
  • Automated re-list of vehicles
  • Automated removal of vehicles no longer in inventory
DiamondLot provides a comprehensive solution and services to promote your inventory on eBay Motors. Dealers using DiamondLot benefit by having effectively priced, compelling vehicle listings that will generate more views and leads resulting in more vehicle sales.

Wholesale Service

Just as retail vehicle marketing is rapidly moving to the Internet, so is wholesale marketing. Liquid Motors provides "One Click" wholesale auction management tools for auto dealers to easily and efficiently market their vehicles across most major online wholesale marketplaces.
  • Start, stop and manage vehicle auctions on OPENLANE, OVE and SmartAuction from a single platform to increase wholesale marketing exposure
  • Market vehicles on wholesale while still on the lot for retail sale
  • Common Condition Report reduces data entry
  • Automatic re-listing to continue to market vehicles until they sell
  • Auto removal of vehicles from non-selling sites when a vehicle sells to eliminate double sales
  • Email/Text notifications for key events such as bids, offers and sales
Wholesale integration provides a quick and easy solution to placing inventory on most major wholesale marketplaces, at the same time. Increased exposure on multiple sites improves the chances of selling the vehicle faster.

SalesDriver Lead Management

Effective lead management is critical to ensure that all leads are followed up and that the dealer is maximizing their investment in automotive Internet marketing. The DiamondLot SalesDriver System is software that helps the car dealer capture leads, and track and manage the sales process for each and every lead.
  • Provide lead allocation to salespersons
  • Activity planner to track lead follow-up
  • Auto-responders by lead type
  • Notifications to alert new leads
  • Tracking by lead source to track ROI on auto Internet marketing campaigns
Condition Report, Title, comments Service

This service by your local Diamondlot technicians can help you enhance the e-marketing of your vehicle inventory. Let us perform a 3rd party inspection for your eBay or Wholesale vehicles. Or, we can help the SEO factor of every vehicle by building rich Title content and custom comments.

Multiple Overlay Marketing Service

The dealer has many types of vehicles, new, used, certified, etc..., that could take advantage of our multiple-overlay dynamic branding program. Tell your message with a variety of logos, phone numbers and other targeting brands for every specific feed as being unique.

Social Media Marketing Platform

As social networking site usage grows exponentially, popular sites such as facebook emerge as compelling, effective ways of staying engaged with existing customers and reaching new ones. With over 500 million users on facebook spending an average of 25 minutes a day on the site, auto dealers are looking for ways to promote their products and services in front of these large audiences.

DiamondLot is offering two facebook packages to choose from:

  • The Standard Package which includes four facebook applications with a facebook color scheme.
  • The Customized Package which includes four facebook applications branded to your dealerships image and with customized content.
  • SocialFuel Inventory
  • SocialFuel FanBuilder
  • SocialFuel Coupons
  • SocialFuel New Car Research

SocialFuel Monitor will assist your dealership with the listening and quickly inform you when something is said across the vast social media arena. Your ability to respond, or taking the time to respond, is important with today's customers.
  • Enter keywords or phrases to track
  • SocialFuel Monitor scours multiple social media sites
  • Notification to dealership personnel when their brand is mentioned
  • Ability to rapidly respond to positive/negative brand statements
SocialFuel Monitor will aid dealers in tracking positive and negative brand statements across multiple social media sites from one tool.

WebSpy and LiveChat

Diamond WebSpy provides real time monitoring of your website. You will have the ability to pro-actively communicate to all your visitors. Obtain detailed marketing knowledge of your websites traffic 24-7. Communicate with an unlimited amount of visitors at any time.
  • Help website visitors via Web Spy through pro-active communication
  • Convert browsers on your website into prospects & customers
  • Monitor website traffic in real time from any computer
  • Install on any site, including Craigslist and eBay listings
  • Web Spy can be included in all your emails as a link
  • Examine the demographics of your website visitors such as visitor location, IP Address, Host ISP name, website referrer, and conversion tracking
  • Accept callback requests to contact prospects
  • Manage support tickets to enhance service
  • Analyze your site in our Diamond Inquirer
  • Utilize our simple to use Operator Panel
  • Manage FAQ section for your visitors
Diamond WebSpy uses a simple install process to use on any site. Provide customer service, monitor website traffic, and increase sales.


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